Narratives of Community

The reading ‘Narratives of Community’ taken from ‘Making a Performance: Devising Histories and Contemporary Practices’ wrote by Emma Govan, Helen Nicholson and Katie Normington, begins to explore the utilization of devised theatre to help shape communities and challenge the social injustice.

The interaction between professional theatre practitioners and community-based participants, help the individual participant’s life develop. The reading mentions that the collaboration helps improve the cultural democracy and bestows towards the process of social development.The process in which the performances are created, community-based experiences are the format that deliver the community concepts. Their stories or opinions are not reframed, rewritten nor re-interpreted to fit the audience’s ideologies on theatre.Within the chapter ‘Memory and community narratives: authenticity and metaphor’, Emma Govan, Helen Nicholson and Katie Normington begin to discuss Paulo Freire’s theory on community contexts. Paulo Freire suggest that this theory allows the community to come together to share identical experiences and as a whole, be heard on the political effects that hinder their own psychological and social benefits.

When creating a performance through the personal memories from communities, the authenticity of the narratives can make the experience knowledgeable, memorable and even insightful.


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